Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy & Angel (2)

To be honest, the only time I really get to spend time with my dogs are the weekends, where I have time to bring them on a really long walk, play a game of fetch, letting them roam around the garden while we get busy with our daily routines. And well, I'm just really grateful that I have them in my life. They make a lot of things more worthwhile; like coming home after a pretty long day in college, to see them wagging their tails by the door, welcoming you home. Both of them are adopted, Angel, when she was a puppy and Happy when he was three; and now, Angel's already 9, and Happy had turned 7. They can be such a handful sometimes, but they're the most amazing companions. Hence, after their baths, they would have to get their photos taken, cause they look the cleanest then. And also, I'd like to have their photos taken even if they hate it (Happy literally walks away if he sees me with the camera) before they get old, cause hey, nothing lasts forever, and I don't want to have regretted that I didn't take enough photos of them. And the plus point from taking numerous photos of my dogs is that they're like moving subjects, so its a really good way for me to practice my photography skills cause lets face it, we've all seen my photos, I'm clearly an amateur. Slowly, I'm moving on to portraits, and I'll share some of them here when I actually get to it. Hopefully not too long from now, I'm aching to try new perspectives!

On the other hand, I don't think my dogs are that good in front of the camera. I've seen how photogenic some dogs can be. Unfortunately, mine are not. But if you were to ask which dog likes the camera better, it would definitely be Angel, and I've got the photos to prove it.


this is how she looks 24/7, clueless always

this is how Happy is, most of the time, just give him a good belly rub and he's more than happy already

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