Thursday, July 2, 2015


TRAVEL VIDEO #2. Really love this whole editing video thing at the moment. You can say its my new interest! Still using Windows Movie Maker, but once I get the hang of it I might move on to iMovie(its a bit complicated to me atm) Anyway, enjoy this video! And feel free to check out my Melbourne one as well!


Headed down to Penang last Friday with college mates. Stayed at Shear Min's place, all nine of us. After settling down, we headed to Cecil Market to have some local favorites! Since it was about 4pm after settling down, we just shared a few dishes. We had pasembur and char kuey teow. After having a rather satisfying tea time, we headed back to the house and just chilled around. We then left for dinner at Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat Restaurant. The steamboat broth was really different, hence making it special and it was good too!

After dinner, we went back to the house and just had a few drinks and gambled a bit. After that, we just talked in the house until we got sleepy.

Well, going on trips with your friends are pretty much like sleepovers with little sleep. So we crawled out of bed unwillingly at 9am thanks to Dur Shean because he was hungry. Headed to Maxim Dim Sum for breakfast and then went to where the mural arts were. WELL, WE WERE SUPPOSE TO FIND THE MURAL ARTS, but in the end we just cycled around with our rented bikes till we got tired. We did stop for some mochi, lobak and cendol!

As for dinner, we went to Hai Boey Seafood restaurant. It's quite a distance from the house. It was situated next to the beach, hence, having a view as you enjoy dinner. What Hai Boey had got to serve was quite different from your typical Chinese seafood restaurant. Had you ever had bitter gourd dipped in honey? Have you had cold sweet and sour pork? Its really quite good, all of their dishes!

After dinner, we headed back and washed up and had some ghost stories session. We actually scared ourselves pretty badly, watching ghost videos, and unsolved mysteries of murders and telling stories in the dark, but it was still nice the have that little bonding session!

Well, day three was our beach day. We took a 3km hike to Monkey Beach after a coffee shop breakfast and spent the whole afternoon there. After a whole afternoon under the scorching hot sun, we took a boat back to the mainland. And we forgotten to take pictures until we were on the way back? But day three was definitely well spent! Had char kuey teow for dinner at Zoo Road, and it was good so so good. After dinner, we walked along Gurney Drive, and headed to Straits Quay before going to Beer Factory. Stayed up till about 5am and had a girls talk (with Kevin and Li Shin too, what does that say??) On a side note, I literally spent the whole day with Gwo Ruey, Sze Huey and Wilfred because we were in the same car, and I can assure you, it the funniest car ride ever.

Bon voyage Penang. Had asam laksa for an early lunch before hitting the road back to KL. It was definitely a good trip! Definitely very much memorable for me.
Thank you Shear Min for having us! Your family and you have been nothing but wonderful hosts! And awfully generous as well. Last trip before next semester starts! Can't wait for future trips with this bunch!

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