Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy & Angel (1)

This is a platform for me to share some of my pictures of outfits/food/travels/pets/happenings. And it will be more or less a photo blog cause I'm not really good with words and what not.
It has honestly been the longest time since I took photos of anything, so what better to take photos of than my dogs? Its not amazing, I know, but I like how they showed different sides of my dogs, so I'm quite happy with how it turned out!
HAPPY - This white spitz mix is really playful, but just like his name, he really is quite happy all the time ( except when he sees people he doesn't know). I took him in about 3 years ago when his owners can no longer keep him anymore, but he really knows how to make your day, and most importantly, keep Angel accompany when we're not around.

Angel - She's , I don't exactly know what she is mixed with to be honest. But she's a little German-Shepard looking if you asked me! I got her about 8 years ago when my grandmother took her in after her mother got hit down by a car. She is one of the most beautiful stray ever. She may be a puppy at heart all the time, and a tad bit too crazy, but I'm glad we took her in as part of the family .



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