Monday, August 24, 2015

Flat lays (2)

How long has it been since I last talked about flat lays? Thought it would be a good time to blog about this again cause I am still as hyped as I am before about it. For those who are new to this term, its basically a way to show your things off in the most photogenic manner, while playing around with the colors, textures, sizes etc. of your items. Sounds like it could be done within 5 minutes? Well, you might want to think twice before you jump to your conclusions. In my point of view, laying out the items is not tough, its getting the right lighting and angle to bring your things to the center of attention that will make you sweat. Enough of trying to explain what flat lays are and get to the whole point of this post. I've got a trip to New Zealand coming up soon, and thought that I should give flat lay another shot, so this time around, my flat lays are the travel flat lay, very much inspired by taramilktea . And for those who wants to see flat lays that are not done by the new kid on the block, do check out my previous post on flat lays as I had some examples laid out here.

I'm going to start off the flat lay with some accessories which I was torn between while packing because most of my accessories were statement necklaces and well, they tend to get tangled up together if I didn't pack them properly. Also, I had laid out some of my travel essentials (no matter the weather of my destination, I will not leave these behind).

Lipsticks - NYX & MAC ; Lip balm - The Body Shop ; Brow pencil - Shu Uemura ; Shades - Forever 21 ; Travel journal - Typo ; Watch - Tissot ; Other accessories - Lovisa , and not forgetting my polaroid camera, some good reads and my trusty ol' Canon 550D(used for picture taking)
And a more thorough essentials!

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