Wednesday, June 24, 2015


After a short 5 days trip in Melbourne, I'm home. For those who are not so keen to read the long post ahead(mostly just pictures though), here's a short video I had put together. It's my first ever travel video, so it's a bit shaky but I think after a few times I would get better(?). Hope you like it! Sorry if it's too simple and all though.




My flight was at 10.30pm 19th June. Arrived at Melbourne on 20th morning. And headed to Coburg (grandaunt's sister's place) for breakfast. They had a beautiful home, really and a really cute dog, Moby! After breakfast, headed to the DFO and just wandered around the city before dinner.

this siew yoke is soo good.

Headed to Queen Victoria Market after breakfast. Town Roast was going on, so it was quite crowded outside, but all the smoke made the weather so much more bearable. Then had some dim sum (lol idk why I kept having Asian also) for late lunch as we were in the suburb and not much restaurants were open at that kind of time. And then just wandered around at the Eastern side of Melbourne cause we were gonna catch up with someone over dinner at the east. Dinner was good, like really unique kind of food, but no pictures. I forgot.


The coldest day, ever. I was in heat tech, sweater, AN ACTUAL WINTER JACKET, and jeans and yet I was freezing. Anyway, day 3 was all about the city. No travelling out of the city. Just taking a tram into the city , and also a really nice relaxing day. Shopped a little, got some souvenirs, and then had brunch at Mr Tulk. The food was so-so. Located next to the state library. But before we went to Mr Tulk, we had doughnuts at Short Stop. It was a really small place, but the doughnuts were so so so unique! A bit sweet but I liked them anyway. As for dinner, we had Korean(ASIAN AGAIN) but I've got to admit it was good Korean casual food.

Melbourne Central


Mr Tulk

OISHI Japanese and Korean food.
Last day in Melbourne, as my flight was early morning the next day. BUT THE BEST DAY OF THE WHOLE TRIP.

Went for brunch at Richmond, at a place called Pillar of Salt, and I swear this place puts all Malaysian cafes to shame. it was so good. Not just presentation wise, but the food tastes amazing as well. I enjoyed my hotcakes and my hot chocolate. And also had a go at everyone's food as well. All of the were just so good. After brunch we headed to Brighton. Maybe I shouldn't have insisted to go there. It was too windy to take any pictures with people in it. Headed to Mornington after that. About 4pm, we headed back to the city which was an hour and a half away. Walked around the city before settling for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. And we headed to Lui Bar to get a night view of the city. It was just so beautiful I swear. We even got to see a fireworks display. Definitely a great way to end this short trip.

Pillar of Salt

Brighton Beach.

Amazing ice cream at Mornington



@ Yamato.

The Lui Bar.
Keeping it really short. Had a really good time. Glad my parents let me go onto this trip. First ever trip without my parents overseas, and I actually want to have trips like this more often. Not that I don't like to go on trips with them, its just a whole different experience. Next up - Penang with college mates! And at the end of the year - New Zealand!

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