Saturday, April 11, 2015

March // April 2015

In the midst of preparing my all my upcoming exams, and yet I can still find the time to read books and go shopping. I ought to set my priorities straight.
Attempted flatlay?! I still can't get the hang of it, but I'm trying.
*Picture quality isn't that great cause it was from my phone

As usual, I only read for leisure, not for knowledge, but I should really try to read books which are not categorized under young adults, seeing that I'm actually turning 20 next year(?!)
BUT, We Were Liars was a really good read! It really hit the spot especially if you have not been reading for a very long time. I found out about it through a friend of mine, and it did not disappoint me. So, if you're up for a read to pass time, give it a try.
Monochrome, always my number one choice for outfits. Not sure why, but I quite like stripes these days, so my buys are made out of stripes. Easy, effortless and on the go outfits, in my opinion. Got myself a really nice backpack as well because I secretly am obsessed with backpacks. And also because I'm going to Australia in June on my own, which means I have to carry all my things on my own without getting sore shoulders. Also, this backpack fits my camera perfectly! Backpacks will always be my favorite travel companion.
Backpack and striped turtle neck top - Monki
Vertical striped shirt - Bershka


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