Saturday, May 23, 2015

Flat lays

FLAT LAYS.  What are they? To me, flat lays are basically pictures of your current obsession or favorite objects, laid out really attractively. From what I saw on Instagram, most people build their flat lays on the same color. Like, maybe you fancy pink, so you can build a flat lay around all the pink items you have!

Here are a few images of my favorite flat lays, I've seen them on pinterest/ig, but I googled these so, credits to Google images / who ever who own these :

Aren't they so well put together?! So yeah, basically, these are flat lays, it could be your collection of accessories, your make up, food, shoes, ANYTHING THAT LOOKS GOOD IN A SQUARE.


If it's not clear to you why am I doing this post even after what you just read above, I am obsessed with flat lays. Ever since my obsession started, I followed @flatlays to see flat lays from all around the gloabe & @margaretzhang because she makes such pretty flat lays on Instagram (yet to find other accounts, though), scroll through my explore page and stare at flat lays until my battery dies, go onto Pinterest and only search pictures under the heading of "flat lays". Can you tell that I'm obsessed yet? But, what frustrates me is the fact that I cannot come up with my own flat lays, AT ALL. I really have no clue how to even lay my items out. Yet, I still take many attempts to lay out some of my things. So, I started with the basics, my favorite colors such as black, white, gold, and silver. Just some simple items that would make my flat lay look less pathetic (or so I tried)

They're not just my favorite color, but also some of my favorite items.

Well, I've got about 3 more weeks until my finals are over, and I can finally put this semester behind me and enjoy my long awaited month's long break. To work on more flat lays, will definitely be one of my semester break projects apart from travelling(hopefully I can work on a travel vlog while I'm at it), more food hunting, getting back into photography and maybe I might even DIY some stuff? Looking forward to my semester break already. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

MAY 2015

Its the mid of May and I've got exams coming up in two weeks. But, I only do a monthly update, so one quick post of my hauls for the month.
So, I've been looking high and low for beaded bracelets, and trust me, it really isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I can't seem to find ones that matches my watch and my Pandora bracelet (one which is kinda underbuilt, but I'm working on it). So, I gave in and just bought them online. I have a really small wrist, and that got me a little worried about how the bracelets would fit on my wrist. But, it did fit! An amazing fit, I might add. I got them in 16cm each, from Cadeaur ! As for arm candies, I did not stop at these bracelets, and got around getting two clips for my Pandora. I'm just trying to build my bracelet slowly, but maybe I'm a little bit too slow at building it. And, I also got myself a lip stain from Sephora, which really lives up to the name for lasting for 10 hours, and a lip tint from Bath and Body Works ( it has a bit of colour with a really refreshing minty taste, and it helped my cracked lips).
L-R : Bracelets from Cadeaur - Goddess, Glimmer 2 & Anamaleth.
Well, I'm saving my favourite buy for the month for the last. THESE PLATFORM HEELS HAVE BEEN ON MY LIST SINCE I FIRST LAID EYES ON THEM. But, when I got to the outlet in Sunway Pyramid, they don't have them in my size anymore and the lady told me EUR36 had sold out in all outlets. So, it really didn't occur to me that I would find them at OU's outlet, even though it was the last pair, I just felt obligated to buy them because heels are not my thing, hence, chunky heels are easier for me to walk in and add a bit of height to my outfits. Though, I want to find a pair which are more feminine, like the one Jenn Im has from Zooshoo, but it sold out in my size as well when I checked the site.

As for my food hunt, I only managed pay a visit to Yellow Brick Road with my college friends for a quick brunch this month. No one's really into going out because of exams. Anyway, I actually really liked the combination of the flavors they served. Lately, I thought that cafes were all overhyped and all, but this one was actually really nice! I would definitely go back there. I think it has a lovely ambience to have a nice catch up with your friends!


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